Details about next edition?

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Registration starts June 19

Registration form will be available about 6PM

Registration is OPEN

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Registration to a waiting list only!

El Fuego Tango Marathon is coming! With great energy, magic embraces and pure joy. Save the date : 8-10.10.2021. Let your tango friends know. Burn your shoes dancing tango in Warsaw.

What is awaiting you in Warsaw?

    • three days full of tango;
    • pre-milonga and after party milongas ( two extra nights to share embrace with others );
    • fabulous dj's with international experience;
    • passionate tango dancers from all over the world;
    • 50/50 gender balance;
    • Polish hospitality, friendliness and openness;
    • spacious dancehall with wooden dance floor;
    • excellent sound system;
    • water, tea, coffee available for free during the whole event;
    • fresh fruit and snacks during the entire marathon;
    • rich and hot soup served to keep your energy level high;
    • special offer for accommodation in recommended hotels;