Robert Kandefer


Tango Dj Robert Kandefer – organizer of tango concerts and regular Milonga Tu i Teraz.
No doubt Addicted to Tango. My tango adventure lasts 12 years and I’m sure tango will still be my passion.
From 2008 I’m a Tdj. Since then, I have played on milongas, marathons and festivals throughout Poland and abroad (Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and Russia). I had the pleasure to play at events hosting modern orchestras and tango bands; Roberto Siri Quinteto, Sexteto Milonguero, OT Misteriosa Buenos Aires, Tanghetto, Perfume de Mujer, Duo Ranas, SanLuis Tango, Bandonegro.
My playing style is the result of many years of experimentation. What are my Play Lists now? Definitely, it is a tangos from the 1940s, with short trips to the 1930s and 1950s.

Whenever I go to present music during milonga, I face the challenge of choosing tango to create the atmosphere expected. Fortunately, there are no two the same milongas.
They are different in places, time of day, people and their expectations.
This means that each milonga can be approached individually.
It also gives me a great opportunities to implement my own ideas. Respond to the situation on the dance floor and outside. Creating emotions by playing “this” music at “this” time.