Piotr Wilczek

Tango found me, itself and had revelated me sounds of his music when I was sightseeing in Barcelona in 2005. It took me a moment to dare, to touch Tango myself as a DJ. When I have been founding in my beloved Warsaw in 2012 my own milonga, I decided then to try with kiddie interest in, how it is to be on the other side of the console. This journey continues to this day and is always subordinated to the satisfaction of the dancers.

I try to “lead” all Milonga guests with mine music choices, accordingly to their mood. Their energy influences the way I am selecting the tandas from my favorite orchestras. Di Sarli, Biagi, Varela, Calo and D ‘Arienzo and Troilo almost always appear on the milonga. 😊

I am looking for a balance between the romantic melodic spirit of tango and its dynamic and energetic nature.

As my DJ guru and friend say – “play so that no one will sit longer than two tandas”. Yes, I do it – it works!