Masters of atmosphere, virtuosos of emotion!

Meet our wonderful El Fuego Musicalizadores! They are not only amazing DJ's who know well how to keep energy at the dancefloor. All of them are experieced dancers. And who if not dancers understand best what dancers really need?


Information soon...

Paulo Matos aka “El 7”


What to expect? Traditional tango music, mostly focused on the golden age (late 30s and 40s) with occasional deviations for earlier or later periods. Tango for me is a journey of search driven by deep feelings, a quest to match music and dance, a way to build connections between partners … Read More

Raul Navalpotro


Inspired by his love for the dance and the music, Raúl has been regularly djing at tango events since 2008. He plays danceable, traditional tangos, his main goal being the enjoyment of the dancers. His selection of music shows his musicality, his experience and detailed knowledge of his collection. Raúl … Read More

Bernt Drange


I see marathon milongas as a celebration, and strive to contribute to an atmosphere of joy, fun and to the magic connection to tango in each dancer, between the dancing couples through my choices of tango music, cortinas and my own presence. I am grateful for having had the pleasure … Read More

Markus Quander


„There are two things you should find in every tanda: The heart & the groove. First of all the heart. Tango music has to touch our heart in a way that awakes our desire to embrace each other in the most tender way. And secondly the groove. It has to … Read More

Giedre Mataciunaite Madsen


She started DJ’ing more or less at the time when weekly milongas in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, began. The year should be 2004, just a year after she fell in love with Argentine tango. In 2010 Giedre moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where also began DJing in the local practicas … Read More

Paweł Biel


Paweł has been present at Warsaw milongas for 7 years. He is an admirer of such names as Rodolfo Biagi, Miguel Calo and Juan D’Arienzo, as well as Raul Canaro and Osmar Maderna. A very moderate fan of Edgardo Donato and pieces younger than these written in the 1950s. He … Read More

Darek Tybińkowski


In the past, a professional theater and musical dancer, currently a tango enthusiast and organizer of the Łódź milonga in the GKO Casino. My musical tastes span from La Guardia Nueva (1925-1955) up to La vanguardia (1955-1970).I tune the repertoire into the taste of my receivers as dictated by the … Read More

Kasia Gabryluk


Everything that I play during a milonga has already been discovered, played, recorded and danced. As a DJ am not trying to be original in the context of musical repertoire. Tango itself provides such a range of emotions, that allows us to create thousands of musical collages I had the … Read More