Masters of atmosphere, virtuosos of emotion!

Meet our wonderful El Fuego Musicalizadores! They are not only amazing DJ's who know well how to keep energy at the dancefloor. All of them are experieced dancers. And who if not dancers understand best what dancers really need?


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He lives in Cracow since 3 years after 6 years spent in Buenos Aires studying and teaching.  He starts to dj at porteñas milongas 7 years ago after having been dancing very often at many of them, meeting organizers who gave him the chances to play “his own” music. His … Read More

Michał Gabryś


I have been dancing tango and running a tango school in Krakow for over 10 years. I’ve also been playing music during milongas for almost as long. Like every DJ, I have my own tastes, but they change – I don’t have a single favourite orchestra and I love many … Read More

Santiago Buonomo


28 years old DJ, raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, where his both grandmas tought him all about tango codes and initiated his love for tango music. Plays powerful tandas in a wide variety of tango rhythms, always in a traditional way tango-tango-vals-tango-tango-milonga. The aim is to fulfill the dance floor with … Read More

Darek Tybińkowski


In the past, a professional theater and musical dancer, currently a tango enthusiast and organizer of the Łódź milonga in the GKO Casino. My musical tastes span from La Guardia Nueva (1925-1955) up to La vanguardia (1955-1970).I tune the repertoire into the taste of my receivers as dictated by the … Read More

Anna Hardy

Poland / USA

My interest in tango music began in the year 2007 in Monterey, my hometown in California. Being one of those tango dancers who “can’t enjoy dancing unless they are touched / inspired” by a tango piece, I have started to collect and carefully select tango music while in California. And … Read More

Michał Kaczmarek


DJ and Tanguero, organizer of Endorfina and Ocho Pasos. Tango is for him “to dance music”. She loves to play with the rhythm, playing both tango of the golden age and contemporary arrangements of traditional songs. Favorite orchestras are: D’Arienzo, Biagi, Salamanca, Silbando. He likes to surprise others.