Masters of atmosphere, virtuosos of emotion!

Meet our wonderful El Fuego Musicalizadores! They are not only amazing DJ's who know well how to keep energy at the dancefloor. All of them are experieced dancers. And who if not dancers understand best what dancers really need?


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Vladimír Dudr

Czech Republic

Every single tango I’m putting on should offer something new to the milonga. I’m trying to avoid any exaggeration to be able to keep good mood through the whole evening. Looking for the perfect tandas and the perfect time to unleash the strength of the music recorded even nine decades … Read More

Olga Zawada


Warsaw-based DJ known to all local tangueros and tangueras. Her experience: 11 years of dancing, including last eight years of DJ-ing. Olga loves good energy on a dance floor. Bears a weakness to d’Arienzo and Biagi orchestras but takes care of well-balanced selection, which means the required amount of more … Read More

Robert Kandefer


Tango Dj Robert Kandefer – organizer of tango concerts and regular Milonga Tu i Teraz. No doubt Addicted to Tango. My tango adventure lasts 12 years and I’m sure tango will still be my passion. From 2008 I’m a Tdj. Since then, I have played on milongas, marathons and festivals … Read More

Veronika Demjanová

Czech Republic

Make people on the dancefloor happy is important for me. So I‘m trying to connect with them and choose the best music for the moment. I can‘t say which orchestra or era is my favourite because I can see something interesting in each of them.

Vincent El Ghouzzi


Vincent lives in Paris and first met Tango in 1995 as a dancer. He started Djing in 2008 in several famous Parisian milongas (El Colectivo, Le Chantier, Le Parloir, La Tanguedia, La Dolce Vita…) and is now getting invited in many festivals, marathons and encuentros in Europe (France, Germany, Holland, … Read More

Anna Poliakova

Belarus / Latvia

It’s always hard to say in which part of the world I’m today. I enjoy people with sense of humor, adventures and of course good tango music. To play for dancers is some kind of magic, how great is it to have a possibility to create the mood for many … Read More

Piotr Roemer


The world of sound is my natural environment. Since a child I’m involved with music, first as a violin player, then as a music theorist and composer. Subsequent studies in electroacustic music have given me sensitivity to the quality of sound and helped me understand the technical side of it. … Read More

Michał Kaczmarek


DJ and Tanguero, organizer of Endorfina and Ocho Pasos. Tango is for him “to dance music”. She loves to play with the rhythm, playing both tango of the golden age and contemporary arrangements of traditional songs. Favorite orchestras are: D’Arienzo, Biagi, Salamanca, Silbando. He likes to surprise others.