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Bandonegro is a world class tango orchestra, widely considered as the best European tango band of the younger generation, and rising stars of tango music. These Polish musicians won the hearts of listeners all over the world with their new outlook on tango, connecting tradition and modernity. Their unique musical ideas, passion and excellent sensitivity for the Argentine tango style, have made they perform on the greatest festivals worldwide.

Their adventure began at the age of 15, winning the prestigious “Pif Castelfidardo” competition in Italy (Nuevo Tango category), a year later they recorded their debut album “Tango Nuevo by Astor Piazzolla”, which surprised polish musicologists, critics and music publicists:

In 2016, the band appeared on the Polish music scene, combining Tango with elements of jazz and rock. This resulted in joint concerts with polish stars: Edyta Górniak, Andrzej Piaseczny or Maryla Rodowicz. In May 2016, they took part in a nationwide concert tour “Atmasfera”, playing 16 concerts in the biggest concert halls.

In December 2017, they released their second album “Tanchestron”, which resulted in the band’s intensive concert activity throughout Europe.

They have performed during the leading international tango festivals in Poland and abroad in: Argentina, Germany, Netherland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway. They’ ve collaborated with outstanding tango stars: Fernando Suárez Paz (Astor Piazzolla Quintet), José Colángelo, Nelson Pino, Roberto Siri, Nito & Elba Garcia, Los Totis czy Maria Ines Bogado & Roberto Zuccarino.

In January and February 2019, the band performed during a concert tour in Argentinian Buenos Aires. The musicians aroused huge applause from their audience, performing in iconic clubs and during the prestigious Argentina Tango Salon festival. Famous tango legends and native Argentinians gathered in Salon Canning, La Viruta or Bilongon could not withhold their admiration for the band’s sound:

Tango Gallo Ciego performed by Bandonegro was presented during the finals of the World Tango Dance Tournament – the biggest tango event in the world. In June 2019, band released their third album “Hola Astor”, combining tango with elements of jazz and rock, which was hailed by music publicists as a real revolution in the tango music.

In October 2020, the fourth album “Tangostoria” was released by the prestigious DUX publishing house.


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Pasional — Pasional (passional) – ‘a current of passional electric energy’. This young ensemble interprets music with an extraordinary energy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in all performances. Their main repertoire is Argentinian tango and they specialise in signature variations on themes by A Piazzolla and tango of the Golden Age (30s and 40s orchestras of J D’Arienzo, F Canaro, C di Sarli, R Baiggi, J Garcia, O Pugliese).

“We’re constantly updating our arrangements – say the musicians – striving in our quartet for volume, intensity and sound reminiscent of an entire orchestra, which is why we added the word Orquesta to our name”.

The four musicians – Konstantin Dorokhov, Mikhail, Kofanov, Dmitri Kovalenko and Evgeny Kozlov are masters of their profession, they create a whole, while remaining unique, each one of them. Graduates of the best music institutions in Russia, they perform in the most prestigious concert halls and are frequent guests at tango festivals at home and abroad.



Beltango was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, 1998, by professor, bandoneonist and composer Aleksandar Nikolic.

Quinteto Beltango present all abundance of tango repertoire. Apart from traditional tango pieces, compositions of the tango nuevo trend of Astor Piazzolla and modern tango, they also present their own Beltango compositions from "Balkango" opus.

They have been equally successful in performing on large concert podiums, symphonic halls, theater stages, classical chamber halls, tango balls, gran milongas, festivals as well as in other places where the spirit of tango revives.

Argentina, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Malta, Austria, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro are just some of the countries in which Beltango quinteto has performed with great success. In fact, in their 20 years of artistic activities they have played more than 900 concerts in around 30 countries.

More about the orchestra

Quinteto Beltango is the only European tango orchestra to be invited by the Ministry of culture of Buenos Aires to perform at "World Tango Festival - Buenos Aires, 2007".

Beltango quinteto is the guest orchestra of the World's biggest international tango festivals:
Buenos Aires World Tango Festival 2007, Berlin Tango Festival 2007-2009-2013, Tarbes Tango Festival 2018, Zurich Tango Festival 2014-2015-2017, Basel Oster Tango Festival 2016-2017, Trieste Tango Festival 2015-2016-2017-2018, Nantes Tango Festival 2018, Victoria BC Tango Festival 2018, Bregenz Tango Festival 2016, Baden Baden Tango Festival 2014-2016, Karlsruhe Tango Festival 2015, Luzern Tango Festival 2012-2013, Wuppertal Tango Festival 2013-2014-2017, Bonn Tango Festival 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018, Taboe Tango Festival 2017-2018, Dortmund Tango Festival 2018, Munster Tango Festival 2014-2015, Leipzig Tango Festival 2014, Eindhoven Tango Festival 2017, Palermo & Marsala Tango Festival 2014-2016, Karnten Tango Festival 2016, Lausanne Tango Festival 2013, Dresden Tango Festival 2018, Flensburg Tango Festival 2014-2015, St Moritz Winter Tango Fest 2018, Oldenburg Tango Festival 2012-2013, Aix Les Bains Tango Festival 2012-2013, Rovinj Tango Festival 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018, Danubiando Budapest Tango Festival 2010-2011-2012, World of Tango Tampere Festival 2011, Opatija Tango Festival 2011, Warszawa Tango Festival 2009, Napoli Tango Festival 2008, Copenhagen Tango Festival 2008, Tango Camp Sweden 2007-2008, Tango Camp Greece 2007-2008, Novi Sad Tango Festival 2015-2016-2017-2018, Belgrade Tango Festival 2004-2013...

Like co-authors and musical directors, they’ve produced tango-show "TANGO DE MI VIDA" . They shared stage with some of the greatest tango artists in the world:  Miguel Angel Zotto y Daina Guspero, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert, Roberto Herrera y Laura Legazcue, Gustavo Rosas y Gisela Natoli, Angel Coria y Claudia Sortino, Geraldine Rojas y Ezequiel Paludi, Gaspar Godoy y Carla Mazzolini, Miriam Larici y Eduardo Barrionuevo, Santiago y Erna Giachello, Damian Rosenthal y Celine Ruiz, Roberto Reis y Natalia Lavandeira, Pablo Moyano y Roberta Beccarini, Sergio Cortazzo y Soledad Rivero, Pablo Villarazza y Dana Frigoli...

Beltango quinteto has also produced the gala-concert "Beltango Symphonico" as well as performed together with different big orchestras like CRR Istanbul Symphony Orchestra, Wuppertal Sinfonikers, Macedonia Philharmony Orchestra, Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra, Bulgarian AGBU Chamber orchestra, St George Strings and Nis Symphony Orchestra.

As if that wasn’t enough they’ve also collaborated with Belgrade Tango Association and hosted the International Belgrade Tango Festival for 10 years (2004-2013).

They published five CD’s:
"Bandoneon & Strings" l 2016,
"Theatre of Soul - Teatro del Alma" l 2013,
"Beltango Trilogia" l 2007,
"Beltango en Vivo!" l 2004,
"Beltango Nuevo plays Piazzolla" l 2001

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The tango trio Los Milonguitas have a clear aim : that all of the dancers fill the
milonga dancefloor. Influenced by the great orchestras of the golden age, (Di
Sarli, D’Arienzo, Caló), Los Milonguitas offer trio versions in style as well as their
own compositions, always taking into consideration the performance necessities
of the milongueros, the real protagonists of the dancefloor.
Since 2014, in Buenos Aires, Los Milonguitas have been constantly elaborating
their repertoire, during milongas porteñas, defining their musical choices in line with
the style of the most prestigious milongueros, making theirs the advice of dance
professors and internationally recognised DJs.
New compositions complementing the repertoire are inspired by the universe of the
current milongas porteñas, from the classic to the more informal or transgressive
The musical trajectory of the founding members, the pianist Pablo Murgier, the
bandoneonist Simone Tolomeo and the double-bass player Alessio Menegolli,
allows them to offer interesting and innovative arrangements, influenced as much
by the Argentinian popular music as by jazz or rock.
Their first album Los Milonguitas I whose release is imminent, reflects the color the
milongas porteñas they are involved in, with tandas in style and cortinas.
Los Milonguitas are scheduling their first European tour from March to June 2017

Los Milonguitas

Los Milonguitas present a carefully prepared show, one that crosses all the essential styles according to all milongueros, in which each tanda has its originality and a distinctive orientation. The innovative arrangements, the compositions and the covers of historical jewels of the kind come together to retain, at all times, the dancers on the floor while the instrumental deployment of the trio members manages to generate the intensity of an orquesta típica.

Having grasped the dynamics of any milonga and perfect both musically and artistically, renewing it each time for it to be unique, their repertoire for years during authentic milongas porteñas, Los Milonguitas now offer an identity that reflects the unique essence of the golden age of tango, while maintaining a current and provocative insight.

The tandas and cortinas form a show completely designed for the milonguero, with a staging beyond the purely musical register.

At El Fuego

Los Milonguitas will play for us on Saturday night! Do not miss the opportunity to tango to live music

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